Ghana Railway Company Ltd was established in 2001 under the companies code 1963(Act 179) to provide freight, parcel and passenger services using available resources

The Ghana Railway Development Authority was established under the Railways Act 2008,(Act 779) to

  1. Promote the development of railways and railways services
  2. Hold, administer and improve the railway assets and
  3. Promote the development and management of sub-urban railway


Established under the Railway Act 2008, Act 779, passed by Parliament on 14th November, 2008. Received Presidential Assent on 6 January, 2009.

The objects of the Authority are to:

  • promote the development of railways and railway services
  • hold, administer and improve the Railway Assets
  • promote the development and management of suburban railway


To achieve the objects the Authority shall

  1. implement and ensure compliance with Part Two of this Act
  2. grant licenses, concessions, and leases which are necessary for the operation of railways and railway services and perform other related functions including the keeping of a register of railway.
    • Operations
    • Licensees, and
    • Sub-licensees
  3. exercise ownership rights over assets that are transferred to the Authority from Railway assets
  4. set and enforce safety and security standards for the construction and operation of railways in accordance with this Act,
  5. regulate and monitor the activities of licensees, concessionaires and operators of railway,
  6. initiate, conduct, promote and encourage studies necessary for the growth and development of railways including the development of master plans in accordance with the Schedule to this Act and set standards
  7. oversee the administration of the Railway Development Fund and ensure that the Railway Development Fund is used for the purposes set out in section 23,
  8. ensure collaboration with other public, private or international agencies necessary for the performance of its functions,
  9. advise the government on railway matters generally, (i) subject to section 98, (ii) carry out any transitional function that is necessary for the growth and sustainability of railways (iii) carry out other activities incidental to its functions (iv) subject to ministerial directives, perform the functions of a railway regulator

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